Ceiling Roses

When you call the Plastering Guys your ceilings will come up roses!

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Ceiling Roses Wagga Wagga

Ceiling Roses

With hundreds of ceiling rose designs available you’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to choosing the right rose for your project.

Ceiling Roses are also referred to as Rosettes and Ceiling Medallions and come in many shapes, sizes, profiles and materials such as plaster cast and lightweight hardened polyurethane.

Originally designed as a feature for chandeliers they’ve now morphed into many other applications such as accompanying lighting or features to break up the monotony of expansive flat ceilings.

When done right, ceiling roses can completely transform the look of a dwelling, just by simply choosing a modern or period design one can completely transform the era of ones home.

The fitting can be carried out by a home handy person however for an exact perfect fit one should hire the services of a licensed professional. The last thing one would want is their ceiling rose to fall down possibly damaging or injuring an innocent bystander.

For further information on ceiling roses please give the Plastering Guys a call today.

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