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Everything you need to know about suspended ceilings

A suspended ceiling is just one of the many plastering services that Plastering Guys provides.
A suspended ceiling is a type of ceiling that is hung to a room just below the ceiling structure.
It can be suspended from a concrete floor, roof or a ceiling deck that consists of structural framing joists in either timber, steel or concrete that support both above and below the deck or floor load.

The vast majority of suspended ceiling systems are made up of acoustic tile panels that are supported and fit inside a steel grid;. However, other materials can be used but may not be as practical or cost-effective.

Metal hanger wires are used to suspend these systems below the ceiling floor and can be anywhere 7.6 cm to 30.5 cm hanging below.

These types of suspended ceilings can be installed efficiently by Plastering Guys throughout Wagga Wagga and the Riverina.

Suspended ceilings are great for covering over existing Gyprock, steel rebars, exposed timber joists & plywood and many other materials like airconditioning ducts, plumbing & wiring, to name a few.

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Suspended Ceiling System Frame Wagga Wagga

A typical suspended ceiling system has a tile that is supported by thin metal frames running across the room in a grid or crisscross pattern.

Metal wall angle mouldings are attached to the wall perimeters, while the remainder of the grid is suspended through the ends of each grid section by hanging wires for extra support on the moulding.
A grid is usually arranged in a 122cm X 61cm or 61cm X 61cm (based on tiles sizes) pattern.

With this type of ceiling, recessed fluorescent lighting is often used which is designed to fit into the regular grid pattern.

There are also heating and air conditioning recessed grills of a standard size to fit in a suspended ceiling grid.

There are many advantages to having a suspended ceiling installed by the Plastering Guys team because it is suspended it creates a space for ventilation.

This space can also be used to hide electrical cables, air-conditioning duct-work, water pipes for emergency sprinkler systems and other types of visually unappealing materials.
It provides easy access to wiring etc. with the ceiling tiles, which allows for servicing and maintenance.

Suspended ceilings are generally quite inexpensive and can be quickly and easily installed.

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