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Pressed Metal Ceiling Wagga Wagga

Plastering IS Our Passion

Pressed metal ceilings originated the 1800’s and gained immense popularity as an attractive alternative to traditional plastering at the time. Unique patterns and styles could be easily pressed out with the material also having other major benefits such as fireproofing, water resistance, mould resistance, rigidity, durability in outdoor & indoor areas of harsh climates, easily transportable, compact and it’s also lightweight compared to plaster or gyprock.

On top of all these benefits the manufacturers had the ability to create impressive designs and thus  only limited by their designers imagination. 

From Victorian styles to Art Deco pressed metal ceilings became the epitome of the wealthy and those aspiring to be viewed as affluent due to its relative affordability due to cost saving factors regarding physical labour when installing.

Pressed metal ceiling panels are still available today and some would say there has been a resurgence in the uptake of pressed metal in quality new homes that have been architecturally designed.

As with many trends it looks like the old has now become the new and pressed metal is  not only being manufactured for replacement of heritage listed buildings but also being adopted for the discerning home renovator or builder who wants to offer something more than just the look of  traditional plaster ceilings.