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We repair sagging ceilings, water damaged ceilings, cracked ceilings and more!

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Ceiling Repairs Wagga Wagga NSW

Everything you need to know about sagging ceilings

Unfortunately at some stage in the lifespan of your ceilings, more often than not repairs are required for sagging plasterboard or other natural wear and tears.
However, before we get ahead of ourselves let the buyer beware, as not all ceiling repairers and contractors in Wagga Wagga are created equal! The expertise and skills of your potential chosen ceiling fixer will also determine the longevity of your ceiling repair.
For this reason, we invite you to choose Plaster Repairs Wagga for your ceiling repairs.
We’ve been fixing ceilings for over 30 years and in this time have extended the lifespan of thousands of ceilings successfully.
No matter what type of ceiling, wall or cornice repair you need, we can come to you wherever you are in Wagga Wagga or the Riverina and can provide the right services you need.

How we quote your ceiling repair

The process on quoting is typically required because of one of two things, one being just old age of your plaster, it could be fibrous plaster that was installed over 50 years ago, the other is a result of a natural event such as storm damage, minor earthquake, or an accident causing damage to ceiling boards.
There can be different ways to repair a ceiling, so it is important to identify the real cause of damage and to select the correct and most affordable way to repair the ceiling.
We evaluate each ceiling repair on its merit and choose the appropriate repair method that will deliver the best and most economical result, not what is easiest for us.
ceiling damage repairs Wagga Wagga
Gyprocker Wagga Wagga NSW

How we repair ceilings

Whether the damage is caused by a crack in your roof tiles, an air conditioning leak, storm ot tremor damage, somebody putting their foot through your ceiling while working in the roof space, or just aging, our experienced team have the knowledge, skills and experience to do the best repair possible at the most affordable price.
Repairs can be carried out in many different ways from pinning up the ceilings and re-tracing them to cutting out the damaged section and patching or maybe just putting a hole through them to let water drain out before a collapse.
In any case, repair will most likely also require repairing joints or cracks in your plasterboard.
We use a 3-layer plaster system to ensure a uniformed finish to blend into the existing ceiling, quality work that will last for years to come and look like there was never any damage to begin with.

Plaster Ceiling Repair Research

Based on the extent of damage to the ceiling, we expect your repair to take anywhere between 2 to 4 days to complete. Add another day if cornices also needs to be repaired.
In most cases, we will need to return the next morning to sand back our plaster finishing coats work before painting it.
BTW, all our tradesmen are tidy, we have vacuum cleaners and even know how to use them!

This will depend on the type of materials we need to match, the area or size of damage and the amount of materials required. 

As a guide, you’re looking at around $25 per square meter for materials required and an hourly rate of between $30 to $60 depending on site conditions and skill levels required.

As an example, a basketball size hole would set you back approximately $150 to $300 sanded and ready to paint while the average lounge room would be around $1500 to $2500 depending on cornice, if its a pulldown and replace or fixing new plasterboard over the existing one, size and removal of damaged materials.

We specialise in Gyprock Repairs, Wall and Ceiling Repairs in New Builds and Renovations, Cornicing, Sagging Ceilings, Water Damaged Ceiling Repairs, Ceiling Maintenance & Patching, Commercial needs, Suspended Ceiling Replacements, and any other job between requiring our professional ceiling fixers.

Unless you’re a trained plasterer it can be hard to tell of a repair or full replacement of your damaged ceiling is required, if its a small amount of damage then repairs will usually suffice, however the best practice is to call a professional to asses the damage for an accurate idea.

While we aren’t license painters or electricians we are happy to recommend quality licensed tradies for you and more than happy to collaborate throughout the ceiling repair process.

Sagging Ceiling Repair

Sagging ceilings occur because the ceiling board is coming off the joists in the ceiling or excessive moisture penetrates the backing and the possibility of debris weight and good old gravity!
Sagging ceilings unfortunately are a natural step in the ageing process (a bit like us) of any building and all home and business owners should keep a look out at the telltale signs of sagging.
When it comes to a sagging ceiling, it is best not to delay it because old, aged, cracked ceilings can be dangerous, and at any moment there is a possibility it can fall.
A sagging ceiling is the ceilings way of telling you that the structures are unstable and its time to have it checked by a professional ceiling fixer.
Contact us today if you notice signs of sagging ceilings in your residential or commercial property.
Gyprock Installer Wagga Wagga

Why Choose us

Here’s a few good reasons why Plastering Guys are right for the job!

Always Available

As the best ceiling repair specialist in Wagga Wagga, we can arrange for one of our top-notch Ceilings & Walls specialists to visit your property in Wagga as soon as possible to assess the severity of the situation and propose a solution.

Fair Prices

We make sure your wallet or purse doesn't suffer by offering the most competitive prices in the industry, on top of that no matter what service you need, our ceiling fixers also offer a 10-year workmanship warranty on every job that we finish.

Qualified Installers

It's very important to choose trusted professional plasterers when selecting someone to provide the ceiling repairs or replacement you need. By choosing our team of ceiling fixers and installers in Wagga Wagga you've peace of mind knowing that your job is completed properly and safely.