Insulated Ceilings

In today’s climate in Australia, insulation and R-rating factors are becoming very important for not only the comfort of those who use the buildings but more importantly to satisfy local council building regulations.

There are today a variety of insulation products to install behind wall and ceiling systems such as cellulose fibre blown in, polyester, extruded polystyrene batts, natural wool, rock wool and fibreglass wool.

Mostly these products offer high energy efficiency saving on heating and cooling costs and also offer non-combustible features to assist in fire resistance in your new or existing building.

Insulation can also be installed under floors however usually only available if you have enough crawl space underneath the floor. The thicker the insulation you install the greater R-rating and energy efficient and also compliant with Australian standards your new interior will be. Call us today or leave your details on the home page under the free quote tab and we will be glad to assist you.

Insulated plasterboard