Acoustic Plasterboard

Keep the conversation quiet with acoustic plasterboard & ceiling tiles.

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Acoustic Plasterboard

If you’re looking for a way to reduce noise inside the office, classroom or retail space then acoustic ceiling tiles could be the solution you seek.

Acoustic ceiling tiles come in a range of modern designs and integrate with grid ceiling systems to create a beautiful uniformed and visually appealing ceiling. Covering up unsightly plumbing, wires and ducting systems has never been so efficient and easy on the eye in a suspended ceiling system.

Thermal advantages also accompany many acoustic grid ceiling tiles with bonded types of insulation to provide varying levels of thermal efficiency depending on your specific application.

Talk to the Plastering Guys today and explore the many options available for your ceiling project.

How Do acoustic ceiling tiles work?

A grid ceiling system is installed at an appropriate height to allow lighting panels and clearance of any obstruction like wires, plumbing for fire sprinklers and air conditioning ducting.

Once the suspended ceiling system is put into position the precut acoustic ceiling tiles can be fitted with relative ease inside the suspended grid channels.

Some of the benefits not only include sound dampening and thermal insulation but also allow unrestricted access to wiring, plumbing and ducting for maintenance.

You can learn more about suspended ceiling systems here.

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles Wagga

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