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Create exceptional spaces with the versatility and resilience of plasterboard!

If you are looking to radically transform or upgrade your property, you will need a solution that will also enable you to move or create new robust and well-finished walls. Well placed walls can really open up spaces and add unexpected utility, style and modernity to your interior design giving an architectural finish to your project.

Plasterboard or gyprock is essential for safe and reliable construction of new interior walls. These expansive sheets of gypsum compressed firmly between ‘facer’ and ‘backer’ layers are convenient to handle and install and offer a superb structural and safety profile.

Gypsum rock, the foundation of plaster products.

Gypsum rock, also known as calcium sulfate dihydrate is the main constituent of both plasterboard, gyprock and a wide variety of plasters. This naturally occurring mineral is used as mined in plasterboard. Gypsum has been used for thousands of years by many cultures and civilisations and can be seen in ancient alabaster sculptures and mouldings. It is odour free, non-toxic (even used in farming and foods), fire-resistant and has acoustic and thermal properties that have made it favourable in construction projects of all sizes. In addition, its low cost and high durability make gypsum plasterboard a worthwhile addition to your home improvement and renovation projects.

The high-quality manufacture of plasterboard has eclipsed traditional lath and plaster methods of wall construction.

If you have an old or period property, renovations may reveal traditionally constructed lath and plaster walls, comprised of horizontally secured strips of wood (known as lath)and layers of plaster built up on top. Lath and plaster have been used for hundreds, if not thousands of years across the world with little change and may be chosen for sensitive restoration work. This more time-consuming method of wall construction and finishing, now typically performed by specialists, has been almost completely overtaken by plasterboard and gyprock products which were developed in the early 20th century. Let’s take a look at the benefits delivered by using plasterboard.

Gyprock Wagga Wagga

Key advantages of using plasterboard or gyprock for your interior walls.

Gypsum has beneficial thermal properties and balances indoor temperature and humidity where it is installed. It is also a good insulator and vapour barrier.
 Plasterboard reduces noise and reverberations, making it a relative acoustic barrier. Less thickness of plasterboard is needed compared to masonry and airspace between plasterboard or gyprock layers further enhances the acoustic insulation making it a good choice for lining ceilings in flats or multi-occupancy dwellings.

  • Gypsum is sought after as a fire-resistant material. The hydrated crystals that makeup gypsum plasterboard actually hold a lot of water meaning that it is very difficult to burn and an effective retardant. Burning releases the water in the crystals and actually cools the environment which is beneficial in the event of a fire.
  • Plasterboard delivers level smooth surfaces which are ready for painting or papering in far less time than is needed if building up layers of plaster.
  • Despite the uniform nature of plasterboard, it can be used creatively to fabricate a wide range off effects and contributes to a pleasing aesthetic. Gyprock also works with a wide variety of gypsum-based products, meaning you can create exceptional covings, ceiling roses and cornices.
  • Plasterboard is convenient and offers an easy install with panels simply screwing into place. Using gyprock instead of plastering means that you can install or cover a lot of wall space quickly.

Gyprock is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of plasterboard and plaster products. They are the major brand for sourcing high-quality plasterboard wall and ceiling linings and offer a superb finish and durability. Their selection of residential plasterboards is engineered for optimal performance on specific interior conditions, meaning that you can install a wall lining that is tailored to how you will actually use the finished room.

This diverse range of quality plasterboards and gyprock includes:

Plasterboard that is primed with an antimicrobial to be resistant to mildew and mould.
Gyprock Aquachek that has been manufactured for superior moisture resistance
Lighter and stronger plasterboard specifically designed for use in ceilings which scores and snaps accurately
Plasterboard sheets with reduced sound transfer and impact resistance for specialist acoustic performance.

It has never been so easy to create a fine finish to your walls!

Plasterboard can be readily installed on both timber and masonry walls. It is just as well fitted with nails as with screws provided they are designed for plasterboard. In addition, for masonry walls, stud adhesive may be used to ensure proper application of the plasterboard to your wall.

A utility knife can be used to cut the boards to size with clean edges that can be readily aligned. The plasterboard or drywall should be positioned on the wall leaving a small clearance for the skirting board and flooring. Screws used should sit beneath the surface for a smooth final finish to the wall.

Once reliably secured you can butt up subsequent connecting sheets with jointing tape and sealing compound for as smooth a join as possible.

Ready repairs

One of the best things about plasterboard is the relative ease of repairs. If you have a busy household it is entirely possible to end up with a hole in the wall. Plasterboard offcuts or basic plaster can be used to quickly and properly repair plasterboard holes of any size. A number of techniques are available. Experienced plasterers may be able to complete an impeccable repair with plaster alone, whereas amateurs and DIY enthusiasts typically rely on mesh repair kits or cutting a piece of board offcut to size to fill the defect. The edges of the filled hole can then be readily smoothed out with a deft application of fresh plaster and paint to follow. With plasterboard, even an amateur can complete a sound repair, though an expert finish is always smoother.

Can plasterboard be used in buildings with existing lath and plaster?

If you are fixing up an old house you can go right ahead and use plasterboard on top of existing lath and plaster. This works especially well with ceilings. This is overboarding and is a common practice. Simply locate the joists and centre lines, making sure that your screws will be long enough to adequately penetrate the joists for proper securing. As long as you don’t forget accommodating wiring, overboarding is a much less messy and complex affair than ripping out the wall and starting over.

Creating a winning paint job on plasterboard walls.

The smooth surfaces and level finish of plasterboard lend itself to a fantastic finish to a painted room. You can technically paint bare drywall, but the finish is so much better when it has been properly prepared. Consider skimming your plasterboard with a thin layer of plaster to create a stronger, uniform and more hardwearing finish than the board alone, with greater resistance to those everyday knocks and dents. In addition, a primer will mean your final coats of paint are properly adherent and look they’re very best.

Wallpapering your plasterboard?

Again, priming your plaster will lead to the best results for a wallpapering job. Sealing your plasterboard means that your wallpaper adhesive will not bond directly with the plasterboard/gyprock or drywall, which will damage it if the paper needs to be removed at any point. The process is also called sizing, which can be readily topped off with wallpaper liner and the wallpaper of your choice.

Hanging pictures and shelving on plasterboard.

You will need to take care when fixing objects to a plasterboard wall. Regular screwing and nailing eventually work loose which can be hazardous if installing shelving or a TV. For secure fixing, you will need specialist fixings such as wall anchors, toggles, plugs or anchor nuts which have been designed to hold the plasterboard more effectively. Search your local hardware store for plasterboard rated fixings and brackets and when installing aiming for the timber studs can help. Also, it is important to check for wires and pipes ahead of getting underway with the drill.

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