Repair your Damaged Plaster the Easy way in Wagga Wagga & surrounds.

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Plaster repairs

The most important thing to know about the Plastering Guys is our knowledge and confidence in the fact we take huge pride in our work which means no cutting corners.
Each project is carried out to Australian standards using materials of the highest quality.
We specialize in plastering for kitchens and bathroom renovations, house extensions and all types of plastering repairs to damaged walls, ceilings and more.
Plus, we can provide and install insulation as well as perform emergency maintenance.
Whatever you’re wanting to achieve, do it with a team of qualified experts.
Our team also provides a free online quote service to its customers designed specifically to take the hassle and stress away when you arrange a time our professionals to quote your plasterboard repairs/projects.
It’s as simple as submitting our quote document on-line and hitting the Free Quote button.
We will try to respond within 24 hours to your request.
This is a free, no-obligation service for you.
Our ceiling & wall repairs also come with friendly reliable service plus the added advantage of a 100% job satisfaction guarantee.

There are many reasons why you might need to hire a professional plasterer repairer. You may have a sagging ceiling, damaged walls, cracks appearing in walls or joints, perhaps your drywall is damaged from a swinging door or water leaking in from broken pipes or tiles.

Whatever the reasons listed above, it’s important to remember, In any case, it’s actually cheaper to just pay a professional.

But why is that you may ask? Ok, let’s break it down a little, you see in many cases, by the time you go out to Bunnings and buy all the necessary tools and materials for the task, and you may also need to have some of the materials delivered such as drywall sheets assigning more cost to your job so now you can see the price really starts adding up.

Money can also be wasted due to incorrect application of the materials, mistakes can cost money, plus you’ve also got time factors involved. In many cases you’re probably better off doing what you do best and using the money to pay someone who specializes in plastering repairs!

Plaster repair services contain everything needed to make your wall look brand new again, whether it’s patching up a hole, covering a rubbed area or replacing a piece of plaster.
Your Plastering Guy will bring their own materials to complete your repair and clean up after themselves when that stage of the job is completed.
Here are some of the most commonly requested plaster repairs : Plasterboard and Gyprock hole repair are among the most frequently requested plaster repair projects followed by cracked joints, sagged roofs and water damaged gyprock.
Your plasterboard repair specialist will need to first prepare the damaged area for repair.
They will lay a plastic sheet on the ground to protect the floor below before repairing the damage.
If there is loose or crumbling plaster they will use a utility knife to scrape/cut it away.  They’ll remove any damaged plaster and debris then clean it out using a damp cloth or rag firstly then leave it a bit to dry out.
They always check for any hidden cables and pipes in your wall before they make any cut to prevent further damage.
Then the tradesperson uses an adhesive mesh patch to cover up the cavity, allowing a couple of centimeters on either side of the wall overhang for adhesion & strength for the mesh.
Then they apply the plaster filler or joint compound. Depending on the type of materials used, this can take anywhere form 30 minutes for quick setting compounds up to 24hrs for more traditional plaster compound fillers.
They will apply a smooth blended layer into your existing plaster to cut down sanding and wasted materials, in many cases one coat should suffice on small dents & patch-up jobs, for bigger more excessive repairs a 2nd coat is usually needed and final sand smooth.
Around 24 hours later it will be ready to primer paint.
The general rule for quoting plastering repairs is generally done on a square meter or job size basis. A contractor  will estimate the time it will take on small jobs and price up at an hourly rate while large jobs like remove and replace a bedroom ceiling are estimated on a square meter rate.
And while most standard rates for drywall and wet wall repairs may vary between $30 and $90 per square meter, they are likely to be more costly based on area and here’s why:
  • Repair tasks are often more time consuming as they require removal of old plaster, while resurfacing is fiddly.
  • This applies to decorative trim and finishes like cornices.
  • The cost of your job will, at the end of the day, depend on the size and complexity of the damaged area.


It’s always a good idea, with such prices variations, to get several quotes for plaster repairs because some plasterers like to do small jobs and will give more reasonable quotes than others who specialize in new home or commercial plastering. Luckily Plastering Guys have divisions who specialize in both big and small plastering jobs.
You also want to be certain that whomever you select for your repair work will do a professional job and the best way to ensure this is to check their record. If they have a history of good service, you can be confident they will do a good job for you.
The total cost to repair a hole in you plaster wall will vary based on the size of damage to the area and the amount of materials required and hours needed to patch up it.
Further costs, such as travel time, turnaround time and materials required, must also be taken into account.
As a rough guide a puncture hole from a doorknob could set you back anywhere between $90 to $150 depending on the above mentioned factors.
Plaster is likely to be damaged by movement or by the result of external factors such as impact or dampness. Just one small hole in your roofing or plumbing can be all it takes to destroy a whole living room ceiling over time.
Gravity works against sodden plaster ceilings causing sagging while walls can literally fall apart due to leaking water pipes.

Why Choose us

Here’s a few good reasons why Plastering Guys are right for the job!

Always Available

Got an emergency plaster repair? Then don't stress, we're fast and reliable when it comes to Gyprock and drywall ceiling or wall repairs.

Qualified Installers

Fully qualified trades, ultra high commitment to quality with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Fair Prices

WDon't get ripped off or get the round-around! Plastering Guys Wagga Wagga are local tradies with fair dinkum prices.